Live Webcast Alternate Screen

IMPORTANT: Most Audio & Video issues can be easily resolved by just refreshing your browser, clicking the PLAY button on the player and waiting 45-50 seconds for the stream to become active. In some instances if your browser cache has filled up, that can be corrected by shutting down the browser and restarting it.
(don’t forget to unmute the volume button on the video player).To increase or decrease the size of the video screen in your browser window, hold down the Ctrl button on your keyboard and use the Scroll Wheel on your mouse to change its size.The Live Stream can be viewed on any computer and most mobile devices using any common browser – we recommend using a later version Chrome, Safari or Mozilla Firefox browsers.

Apple users who cannot see the live stream, please see the instructions on the right of your screen…

For all Mac, iPhone and iPad users – to be able to view the webcast, especially with the newer iOS platforms 11 and 12, please see these instructions on how to set up your devices. This is a workaround for an Apple issue with live streams.

For Troubleshooting your video or audio, please click here…