Troubleshooting Instructions

Live Interactive Chat Login:

Just sign in on the Chat screen using your name just the one time (no password required) and type your messages in the “message” box to communicate with the moderator during the event. The moderator will pass your messages along to the presenter who can respond either during or after their presentation

Troubleshooting The Event Videocast:

Please take a moment to read the attached “troubleshooting” instructions. It is a good idea to print this out and have it with you when logging in. Please make sure you try the steps shown below before requesting support.


Viewers using a Mozilla Firefox Browser will need to download and install the Flash Player 1(v.10.1 or later) in order to see the video. It is highly recommended to use the newer versions of either Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari browsers instead.

If in Chrome, IE or Safari you still see the Flash Player error message you will need to adjust your default browser security settings as follows:
Settings > Advanced > Content Settings > Flash > Allow Sites to Run Flash

Audio Issues:

  1. If you are unable to hear the audio, please make sure your computer speakers are connected, turned on and the volume is turned up.
  2. If you hear a lot of audio feedback and/or echoes in the audio, it is likely that your computer microphone is active. To get rid of feedback, either disable your computer’s microphone or use a headset to bypass your computer’s speakers.

Video Issues:

  1. If the Videocast is interrupted/stalled/etc. (which is very unlikely) all you may need to do is refresh your browser – use the View menu > Refresh.
  2. If you are still unable to see/hear the video or access the Chat Feature, it is likely that your Browser Security is set very high and may need to be lowered in Tools>Internet Options>Security (or Privacy) settings.
  3. If the video or audio is jerky or subject to frequent freezing, it means that your Internet connection is too slow and/or you may be using a Wi-Fi connection. This can be especially troublesome if you are in a public or office environment where you are sharing the Internet Connection with other users.

For Office Networks:

Office networks are a frequent source of problems. If you are on your office network, it is possible that you may be unable to access the Video. This is caused by the firewalls of many office networks, which block multi-media platforms for security reasons.

Solution: get help from your office IT person – request your IT person to test access the Event Web Page well before the event (even on the previous day). If the office firewall is correctly configured a black video screen with a small ‘buffer animation’ will be visible.

If the firewall is still inaccessible you should plan on watching the Videocast from your home computer.