LOGIN Instructions

Steps for Logging In & Accessing the Live Webcast:

For First Time Access Viewers:

  1. Open this web page URL in any browser – https://tlabcvideos.org/login/
  2. You will asked for the password you were provided by TLABC when you registered for this event.
  3. Type in the password (it is case-sensitive) and click ENTER
  4. This will take you to the main LOGIN Screen.
  5. Fill in your details in the larger box on the left of your screen, using any password of your choice.
  6. (Please Note: Make a note of this password as you may need it again to Re-Login later, in case you logged off the webcast during a break.)
  7. Once all the details are correctly entered, click the LOG IN button.
  8. You will now be automatically directed to the webcast screen (please be patient as this may take a few seconds).

For Viewers who need to Re-Login: (in case you logged off during a break)

  1. Go back to the Login Screen by clicking on the LOGIN button on the Main Menu.
  2. You may again be asked for the password you were provided by TLABC when you registered for this event.
  3. Enter that password and click on ENTER.
  4. You will be taken to the LOGIN screen.
  5. This time, using the Smaller Login Form on the right of your screen, enter your details as follows:
  6. Your Username is the Email address you used to first login.
  7. The Password will be the one you chose during your first Login.
  8. Clicking on the LOGIN button will redirect you automatically to the webcast screen.

NOTE: if the message on the smaller Login form says “you are already logged in” you can go directly to the Webcast Screen using the WEBCAST link on the Top Menu

Please Note: The Login & Webcast Screens will only be accessible on the morning of the event.

There is no special plugin needed to view the webcast, which can be viewed on a newer version of any common browser. We recommend using newer versions of Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Internet Explorer is generally not recommended.

Live Interactive Chat:

Just sign in on the Chat screen using your name (no special login or password is necessary) and you will be able to communicate with the moderator during the event. The moderator will pass your messages along to the presenter who can respond either during or after their presentation.